Sunday, July 10, 2011

Oh dear! Life has been so busy that I've let this blog go! Here is a quick update. A week before school got out, we moved into another house. The last week of school is a blur with moving, 5th grade graduation, gymnastics banquet, and other end of the year programs.  Some of our highlights of the summer so far include, Hailee competed in the Utah Summer Games and placed 3rd all around out of 17 girls,  I went to girls camp in Heber Valley, UT. and had a great time! The kids got to stay at Grandma and Grandpa Eynon's for the week and had a blast. Grandpa taught them all how to golf. The boys went to the UNLV basketball camp and had a blast! It was for 3 days. On the last day, they all got an autographed ball, t-shirts, and all kinds of stuff. They also signed up for a sports camp that's 2 days a week all summer long. Kyle and I celebrated our 13th Anniversary, and we almost forgot it! We haven't been on any big summer vacations this year but the pool in the backyard is keeping us entertained!
 Hailee and Ernestine Russell.  This is one of Hailee's gymnastics coaches. She was the 1980 U.S. Olympic women's gymnastics head coach. Unfortunately we boycotted that year. She was also a college coach for many years. We are so lucky to have her!
                                 Austin and his buddy Eli at their last day of school program
 Hailee and Bailey! I have a picture of these two on every first day of school since Kindergarten. Here is their last day of Elementary School ever!
                                    Summer Games at SUU. This is always a fun meet.
                The boys and their buddies the Reese brothers and Lucas Walker. They had a blast!
Austin at the freethrow line getting ready to take a shot. He was so excited because he was in Wink Adams group all week.

Getting ready to head to girls camp. Our theme was I Will... Protect This House. It was based on an underarmour commercial.
Below is a video of Hailee's floor routine at the Summer Games. I don't know why I didn't video the vault, bars, or balance beam.

Monday, April 11, 2011

State Gymnastics 2011

This year's state gymnastics meet was held in Reno. We decided instead of flying, we would save money and carpool with two other girls and their moms. The ride up was great....the ride back STUNK!!!! I'll get to that in a minute. When we got up there, we found an awesome outlet mall, so we did a little shopping and ate dinner. Then we went back to the hotel room to catch some sleep before the meet the next day.
Hailee did awesome! She had her best all around score of the whole season, and placed 6th on vault, and 5th bars. We celebrated at Olive Garden. The next morning we woke up, got on the road at 9, and didn't get home until 9:45 that night! Yes, you read that right. We headed the wrong way home and didn't realize it until 2 hrs. into the drive. Lovely. So not a fun trip back. Hailee and I were ready to freak out by the time we got home! It took all week to recover. Next time we are spending the money and flying! We are so proud of you Hailee, and can't wait to see what you can do next season!

                                                                   Getting ready to go in and compete

                                      This isn't her whole team...they divide the girls up into levels and age groups

Friday, March 25, 2011

Hailee's 11th Birthday

Hailee never wants a friend party. I think crowds overwhelm her. So this year, Kyle and I surprised her with tickets to see Le Reve at the Wynn. It was awesome! We went shopping and bought some clothes at her favorite store Justice, ate at the Wynn and then went to the show.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bella turns 4!

Our baby turned 4! When did this happen? I must admit, I'm kinda enjoying the stage of life we are in right now. No getting up in the middle of the night, no diapers, no teething, no nursing, the list goes on.
We have a tradition I guess you would call it, in our family for birthday's. The kids can choose to have a friend birthday party and that's their gift from us, or they can have a nice gift from us and no party. Bella got both. I know, spoiled little princess. But I'm rationalizing by saying that how can she make the choice when she's never experienced a friend party? She wanted to have a party that both boys and girls would like. So we decided on a Candyland party.

                                             My friend made this awesome cake!             


                             She also had a family party where she was spoiled and got a new bike

Friday, March 4, 2011

So Behind!

Wow! I'm officially a blogging loser! Here's what we've been doing...

I've never been a big fan of V-Day
but Kyle makes it hard to not like it! Every year he comes home from work
leaving gifts on the front porch, rings the doorbell and runs. The kids get so excited.

                              Bella took her roses very seriously. She put them in her room and
                           took care of them for weeks. She was so sad when they died.
                                          Ya this candy boquet was gone in about 2 days
The yellow ones are mine

Friday, February 4, 2011

New Pet

One night I was in my bedroom and there was a knock at our door. Bella ran to open it and I heard the voice of a neighbor boy. No big deal. Then I heard Kyle yell "there's a bat in the house!" I thought he was joking and just trying to scare Bella. She came into my room screaming, and right behind her were Carson and Austin freaking out. I shut my door and yelled out to Kyle that I was NOT coming out until that thing was gone! It took awhile. It was hanging from the ceiling and wouldn't move. So Kyle and the boys all geared up to get rid of it.

The nasty thing made it's way to Hailee and Bella's room and was hanging on the vent. kyle shot it with a bbgun and down it went! UGGH! So nasty! I disinfected like crazy! Hailee wouldn't sleep in her room for 2 nights.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas and New Years

Once again, Christmas has come and gone! The kids were a little bit worried that Santa wouldn't find our new house, but he did!
                                           Bella got the Kit American Doll. It looks just like her
  Her favorite gift is this barbie house that dad spent days on in his shop! But it was worth it!
                                             Austin got his remote control truck that he wanted
                                        Carson's favorite gift was Madden 11 for the Wii
                                  Hailee got Shawn Johnson gymnastics wii game and Just Dance
Mama's favorite gift! A statue perfect for our family. Two girls, two boys, and a dog!
Kyle is so great at gifts!

For New Years we headed to AZ. to mama and papa E.'s house. We love going there! The kids always have so much fun.  Grandpa even took Hailee shopping at Justice For Girls. What a good Grandpa!

                                                    Making brownies with Grandma
                                               Grandpa playing Break the Ice with Bella
                                                                 Bowling with cousins
                                                               Daddy helping Bella
                        Playing a game I grew up with. I'm not gonna even try to spell it because I'll butcher it.
                                                               We got very competitive
Kyle and Grandpa got a little competitive too!