Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Boys are so different than girls!

So last night, I was trying to round up the troops to get ready for bed. I heard a bunch of commotion (which is completely normal for any household with children) coming from my bedroom. By the time I got to my bedroom, it had become quiet. So I listened outside the door for a minute and heard Carson saying to Austin "let's pretend this is the championship and I am the champion fighting to keep my medal." So of course Austin being the boy that he is was not about to let his big brother be the champion. So he said "no, Carson, I am the champion." Then came more commotion. I walk in and they have their boxing gloves on (a brilliant gift that their dad gave to them) and they were beating the crud out of each other on the Love Sac. Then they stop again and Carson says "Austin, pretend that your looking out at the crowd that is cheering you on." So, Austin does what he is told, and bam! Totally blindsided by his brother. Carson took a cheap shot! Hoping we wouldn't be making any trips to the emergency room, I let them go at it for a few more minutes.

Then I heard Hailee and Bella in my closet. So I went in to see what they were doing, and Hailee was doing Bella's hair talking to her about fashion and how you have to accessorize. I just had to laugh at how different boys and girls are. Bella couldn't sit still for too long though, and wanted to see what all the commotion was. So she crawled out to see what the boys were doing and started clapping for them. So cute! Of course that egged them on though.
In the end, there were no bloody noses, no broken bones, and eventually everyone went to bed!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hannah Montana

We had so much fun at the concert! A couple of friends and I took the girls to Olive Garden to eat before the concert. Then we had arranged for a pink Hummer Limo to pick us up and drive us around the strip for an hour and then to the concert. You should have seen their faces when we came out of Olive Garden. It was priceless! We had so much fun in the limo. The driver was blaring Hannah Montana and had strobe lights going for the whole ride. He rolled down the windows, so the girls could wave. They were yelling "Hello Las Vegas" the whole time, acting like they were movie stars. People were waving and smiling and pointing at them. It was cute. Then he dropped us off right in front of the MGM. The concert was fun. She put on a good show. Hopefully this is something the girls will remember forever. Here are some pics. I took. Good times!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Well, here we are

My sister in law Jessica talked me into creating a blog, so here we are! It is a fun way to keep up with friends and family members, so this will be good. But for now, I don't have anything really exciting to say, (it's 6:30 in the morning. My brain isn't thinking yet.) Actually, today will be an exciting day. I am taking Hailee to the Hannah Montana concert, so I will post more about that later. It should be fun. A little mother-daughter bonding time. We're excited!