Friday, November 14, 2008

Flashback Friday

I received the Sears Christmas Wish book in the mail today,and it got me wondering what Santa will bring my kids this year for Christmas! I was thinking back to past Christmas's and had to laugh about one in particular where I think Santa was feeling a bit crazy. He dropped this off to an 18 month old Carson.....

I did hear that Mrs. Claus was a bit shocked by the gift, and wondered if Santa was going through a midlife crisis!
Mom even got on it to take it for a spin, and crashed and ate it pretty bad! Carson and Hailee were both bawling because they saw me get hurt! So I haven't been on the bike since and I think I crushed Kyle's dreams of having a motorcyle mama! But I do have to say it has been fun for Carson. We put training wheels on it, and off he goes! Hopefully Santa doesn't do anything crazy this year!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I was tagged a while ago, I don't even remember by who. But you finish the sentence with the first thing that comes to mind.

I am: busy
I think: too much
I want: to be out of debt
I have: awesome kids
I dislike: ignorant people
I miss: four seasons
I fear: dying and leaving my kids without their mommy
I feel: blessed
I hear: Bella breathing in the baby monitor
I smell: Scentsy candle
I crave: anything sweet
I cry: hardly ever
I usually: am happy
I regret: being such a stinker in highschool to my mom and dad
I search: the internet
I wonder: what my kids will turn out like when they're older
I love: My family
I care: about people's feelings
I always: am cleaning
I worry: about the future
I am not: as good of cook as I want to be
I remember: everything
I believe: there are still good people in this world
I dance: only in front of my kids
I sing: never
I argue: with Austin
I write: a grocery list
I win: nothing
I lose: to Kyle most of the time
I wish: I wasn't raising kids in such a scary world.
I listen: to friends' problems
I don't understand: why some people think they are better than others
I watch: Dr. Phil
I need: reassurance
I forget: that Hailee is only 8...sometimes I expect too much of her
I am happy: when Kyle is happy. You know that saying "when mama aint happy, nobody's happy?" Well in our house it's when daddy aint happy, nobody's happy!
I tag anyone who needs a new post and wants to do this

Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy 30th Lindsay

My little sis Lindsay just turned 30 yesterday, and since I'm such a loser, I didn't send her a card. So I decided a post for her would be just as good.
30 reasons I adore my little sister

1. When we were little, we used to get all dressed up and put makeup on and take pictures of each other like we were super models. Cindy Crawford had nothing on us!

2. Lindsay could get away with wearing anything funky and still look cute.

3. She was obsessed with cows when we were in highschool, and we even painted her ceiling in cow print. Sorry mom and dad!

4. She is such a good mommy.

5. She married the most hilarious guy ever

6. She thinks I'm funny

7. Who else would worship New Kids On The Block with me?

8. She has gone sky diving...something I would never do! She has no fear

9. She is a blonde mini me

10. She was the best dang cheerleader Rim High ever had

11. She had just as many dumb boyfriends as I did (sorry Linds but it's true!!)

12. She is so outgoing

13. She was the star of our infamous "The Stupid Diner" movie we should have been an actress!

14. She was my favorite college roomate

15. She always had the best shoes in highschool

16. We've had some pretty good screaming matches in our day

17. She was always naked when she was little. She hated clothes!You met her too late, Mike!

18. She plays Fantasy Football

19. She couldn't say her r's when she was little and I would always make her say the word run for entertainment

20. When we were super little, I stole a pack of gum from the store and she told on me. Thanks for keeping me honest Linds

21. She had the cutest Meg Ryan haircut that I was so jealous of

22. She always finds the most hilarious birthday cards ever!

23. She gave me a perm right before my wedding...what were we thinking?

24. She is such a fun person

25. She took me to my first Ska concert

26. She hardly ever wears makeup and still looks gorgeous

27. On her birthday when she was young, she would milk it for all it was worth. She would say all day "but I'm the birthday girl" She would make her birthday last like a week!

28. She would show off with me in front of our older sisters boyfriends and friends when we were little. We were such dorks!

29. I know she was such a great Kindergarten teacher even though she hated it!

30. She is such a caring and giving person.

I hope you had a great birthday!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 08

Another Halloween has come and gone...thank goodness! I wasn't really enthusiastic this year about it because all week long I was so sick. I ended up having strep throat and a double ear infection and was so achey, that I felt like I'd been hit by a bus. Then later in the week, developed a nasty head cold. Hmmm...maybe I should start eating healthier or something. Anyways, I didn't even carve pumpkins or anything with the kids. Luckily my parents were here visiting, and Grandpa Eynon was a trooper and carved pumpkins Halloween day with them. Hailee was a candy corn fairy, Carson was Aniken Skywalker, Austin was Jango Fett, and Bella was a 50's girl. We went to our ward trunk or treat, then came home and went around the neighborhood. Hopefully next year, I'll be a little more in the spirit of things! Sorry kiddos! The kids lost interest after a while, and poor Grandpa finished all the carving alone!