Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Just like big sister

The other night Hailee was practicing gymnastics. We were all just hanging out, watching her, then noticed that Bella was trying to copy Hailee. Everything Hailee would do, Bella would try. It was so funny! So Kyle said "go grab the camera!" These are the shots I got of her!

I can do it too!

I know I'm funny!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Arranged Marriage

Carson has this hangup about going on a mission. One day we asked him where he wanted to go on a mission, and he came back with "I'm not going to go on a mission." Confused, I asked why not. His reply was "because I don't want to have to get married." Still confused, I asked what he meant. He said"If you go on a mission, then you have to come back and get married. So I'm not going." We laughed so hard at this!!

So the other day, the boys had a bunch of friends over to play, including Sierra Bunker. We have been friends with the Bunkers for a very long time. Our children are all about the same ages, and my kids don't know life without the Bunkers. So, anyways, all the kids were eating lunch and I was listening to their conversation. Austin was teasing Carson about having a girlfriend, and Carson said "No I don't! I'm never gonna have a girlfriend, and I'm not getting married, and I'm not going on a mission!" All the boys were laughing and carrying on, and sweet little Sierra, the only girl there, comes over to Carson, puts her hand on his shoulder, looks at him with her gorgeous, big brown eyes, and says "Carson, I'll marry you." AWWW, I wanted to melt! How sweet! All the boys are just cracking up by now, especially Austin! Poor little Sierra was so serious, and Carson says "Sierra, I'm never getting married! I'm going to go to work everyday, and come home and relax in my "man tub" by myself!" Sierra says "what's a man tub?" Carson tells her it's a hot tub, but no girls are allowed, so it's a "man tub" (his uncle Jeff taught him that) Those were his exact words! Carson says the craziest things. So, in a about 10 years, when Sierra is looking at Carson with those brown eyes, he's going to be eating his words! He may not know it yet, but he's going to marry her. It's already been arranged! Here is a picture I took of the two of them. Aren't they so cute!!
After I took this pic., Sierra looked at it and said "oh, my hair is a mess!"

All the boys poor Sierra had to put up with

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bella loves taking baths. If I ask her if she wants to take a bath, she'll nod her head yes, and get all excited. The other day, I was in my bathroom getting ready and she pushed this chair over to my bath tub and was trying to get in. It was so funny to watch her. She was so serious and intense. She even turned on the faucet to try and fill the tub up. She's growing so fast. It's sad, but at the same time fun to see her personality. I love this girl!!

Here we go....

You can do it!!!

Mom, can I get a little help here, please?

Sunday, February 17, 2008


This weekend we went to Dumont, which are sand dunes near Baker, Ca. We went with some friends, and although there were a ton of people there, we had a good time, and came home completely worn out!

The Boys are ready to go for a ride!

Hailee had fun riding. Of course she would, the 4-wheeler's pink!

Friday, February 15, 2008

I've been tagged

Lara tagged me with this little questionaire, so here goes...

(Answer these questions for you and your spouse/significant other)

1. Your Song: We don't have a song, but Kyle always jokes that his song to me is "Queen of my Double Wide Trailer" He's such a dork!!
2. Your favorite feature of his: I love his eyes. They are a crystal clear blue.
3. His favorite feature of yours: Hmmm... that's tough. I don't know! Maybe we should ask him...actually, we better not!
4. What drives you crazy about him: when he leaves his dirty socks strung all over the house, like in the most random places.
5. What drives him crazy about you: When I stress out over dumb things, and when I pick at my split ends. It's a bad habit I have.
6. Favorite trip you've taken together: Gosh, I would have to say when we went to Chicago. That was fun. As a family, it would have to be our Jackson Hole trip. We're going to Cancun in September, so that will be fun!
7. How do you picture your lives in fifty years: 50 years? I don't want to think about that!! That makes us 80 something. Let's say 30 years....Broke from all the toys we buy, and from raising our kids!! Just kidding. Hopefully Kyle will be retired and we will be traveling all over the world!!
But really, we'll probably have his and hers recliners that we'll sit in while we watch Lifetime movies all day.
8. What was your worst fight over: That questions kinda personal. But I will tell you we haven't had a fight in a really long time. We're about due for one. Kyle, you up for a good fight? Just kidding.
9. Most romantic thing he's ever said to or done for you: We aren't really "romantic" people. It's just the little things he does for me that I love.
10. Favorite "down time" activity: His favorite down time activity would be going for a rhino ride. Mine would be a good chick flick, or curling up with a good book.
So, I tag everyone on my friends and family list.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentines Day!

So, I have never been a real big fan of Valentines Day. I remember when I was in 6th grade, this boy in my class gave me a box of sees candy, and asked me to be his girlfriend. I was mortified!! I think from then on, I had this fear of Valentines Day. Anyways, I was going about my business today, doing loads and loads of laundry (mom, how did you do it with 7 kids?) feeling a little bit frustrated. I was trying to clean the house, and I was going backwards. As I was cleaning one room, the room I had just finished cleaning was being destroyed by two boys, and even a sweet little Bella. Any mom with kids knows my frustration. So, as I'm walking around the house, not sure which room to tackle next, the doorbell rings. Austin answers it, and comes upstairs to get me. (we need to have a talk about not answering the door until mom is there. Good thing we live in Logandale!) He tells me the Fed Ex man is here. I was a little flustered, because I was anything but presentable. I was still in my pj's, hair was a mess, and still had on yesterday's makeup. Of course I wasn't trying to impress the Fed Ex man, but geez! I could at least look human when I go to answer the door! But, I just shrugged and carried Bella downstairs with me. He takes one look at me and says "oh, you have your hands full!" I'm thinking, "yes, I know, you don't have to remind me." Anyways, to make a long story short, Kyle had sent me roses for V-Day. For those of you who know Kyle, you will appreciate that. He likes to put on a tough guy persona, but really, he is a tender guy. (Sorry Kyle! I just blew your cover!) So, to get to the point!! It made my day so much brighter, and I realized that although at times, being a mom can be tough, it's definitely worth it! This is right where I want to be! Thank you Kyle, I love you. Let me just take this moment to thank you for all you do for our family. Thank you for getting up at the crack of dawn for the past 10 yrs. to go to work at a job you don't particularly love, and working your tail off so that I can stay home with our kids. I really do appreciate it. Maybe V-Day isn't so bad after all! Oh, and Kyle, if you're wondering what I'm doing up at this hour, I have cupcakes in the oven for the kids parties 2-marrow! (He hates when I come to bed so late!)

Monday, February 4, 2008

Peter Parker

I was on the computer the other day, when Austin came in dressed up as Spiderman. When I called him Spiderman, he got mad at me and said he wasn't Spiderman yet, he was Peter Parker (the guy that turns into Spiderman.) It was then that I noticed the lovely comb over he had done to his hair. He did look like Peter Parker. He had been in the bathroom working on his hair, and was very proud of it! The bad part is, he wanted to do his own hair for school the next day. I let him. You have to choose your battles!!!