Friday, October 24, 2008

Flashback Friday

I saw this on my friends blog. Every Friday she does a post about things from the past and calls it "flashback Friday" I thought that was a fun idea since I've never been a good journal writer, and I don't have time to scrapbook. So this is a way for me to blog memories that I don't want to forget. These are my two very most favorite pictures of my boys. The first one was typical of them right after we built our house. They were constantly outside working in the dirt. This is how I caught them one day. I thought it was cute. The second picture is of them playing soccer and wrestling at the park, and I just happened to get a good shot of the two of them.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The next David Beckam???

The next David Beckam? Ok, I won't go that far!! But I was so proud of Carson today! He played in his second soccer game and did so well! He was a lot more aggressive than he was in his last game, and he even made a goal! He's such a little guy, but he sure can run! I was laughing though, because he's so polite, and when he'd come close to a girl, he'd kind of let up so he didn't hurt her. What a gentleman!! Of course, Austin was on the sidelines yelling at Carson to knock everyone down!! Can't wait for Austin to play next year. Should be interesting!
Here are some pictures of the game.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Naughty Girl!!!

Today after school, I was helping Hailee with her homework so that she wouldn't have to do it after gym tonight. I sent Bella upstairs to play with the boys and their friends to keep her out of our way. So 20 minutes had passed, and one of Carson's friends came downstairs yelling "Bella's flooding your bathroom"! AAAHHHHH!!! I run upstairs, and Bella had climbed into my bathtub, turned on the water, and was using a cup to dump out water onto the bathroom floor. To make it worse, the boys were all running, and sliding on their tummy's in all the water. Lovely! Bella was yelling "yay" and clapping her hands while the boys were doing this. Seriously, there was water everywhere! I was so mad. So we cleaned it up, I sent all the boys outside, and set Bella on the couch and told her to stay there till daddy got home. (Like she understood any of that, but it made me feel better!" So here are some pictures of her on the couch waiting for daddy to come home. Doesn't she look so remorseful? Ya, she was laughing at me, while I was getting mad at her. Naughty little girl!!!

Doesn't she look like a girl that just got in trouble?

Little stinker!