Sunday, May 31, 2009

This weekend we went up to Lindon Utah for a gymnastics meet. We stayed with Kyle's sister Monica and her family and had a great time. When we got there on Friday night, we went to Boondocks (a family fun center) and rode go carts, bumper boats, and played in the arcade. The kids had so much fun, except for Bella who cried every time we told her she wasn't big enough to go on the go carts.
Now for the exciting part....Hailee's meet.....ALL AROUND FIRST PLACE!!!! She's been working so hard in the gym to clean up her routines and it payed off! She had her best meet ever. We were so excited for her, and she was pretty pumped herself. Her team also came in 2nd place and got a nice trophy. Go Flex It Girlz! I think she was a little nervous because she had a lot of family come to watch her. Grandma and Grandpa Heiselbetz were there, Aunt Lindsay and Uncle Jovi, and Monica and Geoff and their kids came. Thanks for coming and supporting her! Her next meet is the Summer Games in Cedar City, and she is going to try to get even better scores there. Congratulations Hailee! We love you!

We stopped at the Cheese Factory in Beaver for some ice cream

Kyle and Bella trying to stay dry!

Hailee posing with the team trophy

With Grandma and Grandpa after the meet

Grandma bought a cake for Hailee to celebrate!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Chatauqua...and some other fun stuff

What is a Chatauqua, you ask? Well, it's where all the third graders in the school choose a significant person in history who is no longer alive, and write a report on that person. Oh, but that's not all they have to do. They have to prepare a speech as if they were that person, memorize it, dress up, and present it to the class and parents. I guess it's a pretty big deal and it goes toward a lot of their grade. They spend a couple of months doing research and reading books about their person. Hailee chose to be Princess Diana. A good friend of mine suggested it because her daughter did it. After they present their speech, their class votes on two people to do it again the next day in an assembly for all the 3rd and 4th graders. Hailee and her best friend Bailey were both chosen by their class to do it. They were both less than thrilled about that! Hailee mysteriously woke up with a stomach ache that morning and claimed she couldn't go to school. But after I showed no sympathy, she gave up and went. She did such a good job. Public speaking isn't an easy thing to do!

A little over a year ago, we had a stray cat that we started feeding. If any of you know me well, you know that I can't stand cats. I'm super allergic to them. But Kyle and the kids talked me into keeping it as an outdoor cat. I agreed because we live near a field and get mice. Anyways, the cat became pregnant and had 4 babies. We gave two of them away, and kept the other two. The mama cat dissappeared after a while and never came back. So we were stuck raising two cats. Well, one of them just recently had babies herself. She had three of them. They are cute and little now, but just like kids, they grow up! I do not want all these cats! But Bella sure is enjoying them. We brought one in the house for a few minutes the other day for her to play with.

For Memorial Day weekend, we took a trip to Grandma and Grandpa Eynon's house in Arizona. The kids had a great time, and Kyle was able to relax and wind down a little bit from a rough week at work. Everytime we told Bella that we were going home, she'd say "No, I stay at Grandma's house!" We always have a good time when we go there, and are never ready to come home! But don't you worry Grandma and Grandpa! We'll be back to invade you again in July. Carson insists on having his birthday there.

In this picture Bella's saying "rock on!"
Bella and Papa having a serious talk

Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy 43rd....I mean 34th birthday Kyle!

Sunday was Kyle's birthday. I had originally planned on taking him to a nice steak house in Mesquite and a movie on Saturday night. I had a babysitter lined up and had reservations. NO KIDS ALLOWED!!! Then Friday, Kyle called me from work and said that he wanted to go to a campground we always go to near Zion National Park with the whole family. Ok, KIDS ALLOWED! So, I canceled the babysitter and dinner reservations, made new reservations at Zion River Resort, and packed for 6 people.

The boys had their last T-Ball game Saturday morning, and Hailee had a carwash fundraiser to be at for gymnastics, so we got a later start than we wanted. Since we sold our Travel Trailer, we made reservations to stay in one of the cabins they have there. We had a great time swimming and hanging out, until it was time to go to bed. The kids were all wound up, and had a hard time falling asleep. They finally all crashed, except for Bella. Ahhh sweet little Bella. She cried and cried because she didn't want to go to sleep, and there was nowhere for her to go (the cabin was smaller than our family room.) Kyle was trying to sleep, but was tossing and turning because it was so stinkin hot, and the beds were so uncomfortable. Plus, Bella was keeping him awake. Finally, at 11:00, he said, "let's just pack up and go home!" OK....So that's what we did. we put all the kids in the van and loaded everything up. Bella was asleep in less than 5 minutes!

The kids were so confused when they woke up the next day. They were also mad because I told them we were going to church. Man, we should've stuck with dinner and a movie! Good times....

Hailee and Bella in front of the awesome cabin

I'm so sweet now...but wait till later!

The boys playing at the park

Hailee put the candles on this way to see if he'd notice

Bella helping daddy blow out the candles

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Flashback Friday

So I was going through pictures for flashback Friday, and came across this one. It cracks me up! This is my sister Lindsay's school picture one year. I don't know how old she was here, but I love this picture! The reason I love this picture is because if you notice, she is holding the comb up that they would give us to fix our hair right before the picture was taken. Classic! If you know Lindsay, it's even funnier. I'm pretty sure my mom had her take retakes!
Seriously, what's up with the bangs that go all the way to the back of your head? I had them too!
It's pretty much a mullet. Thanks, mom!