Tuesday, December 15, 2009

November and December happenings

On November 7th, my Grandpa Eynon passed away. Although it was sad, it was also time for him to go. He was 92 yrs. and had lived a long and productive life.   Even when my family  meets up for a sad event, we have such a good time together. All of my brothers and sisters and their families were in California for the funeral. This couldn't have made my dad any happier!

Grandma and Grandpa with all the Grandkids except Bella (she was being a stinker)

My sister Angie and her family

My sister Shayne and her family


My sister Lindsay and her fam

My brother David and his awesome wife Konnie

My brother Jeff and his amazing wife Kristie

My youngest brother Adam and his family....wait those are his nieces and nephews (his woman wasn't able to be there) We missed you Ali!
The funeral was nice and my dad did a great job with the eulogy. After the luncheon, we all went to my sister Shayne's house and hung out. I love these people!!!

My dad and his brother and sister

The Eynon ladies (plus my niece on the left. She's more like a sister than a niece)

It was my dad's birthday so we celebrated

Jessica and Hailee

Playing the wii

Uncle Adam's always so much fun!!

Winding down for a 3-d movie

We were hopping in December going to Christmas parties and programs. We went Christmas caroling with a bunch of friends from our ward....

Bella had so much fun singing

We went to the strip and checked out the Bellagio decorations and water show...

Who knew Santa hung out on the Strip? The kids were a little weirded out by him!

Then Christmas day we stayed home and had so much fun...

our annual top of the stairs pic

Austin got a new scooter (you don't think Kyle's tired do you?)

Carson got one too

Kyle's ready to go play for the Dodgers

Bella got a bike

Hailee got a cell phone

We had such a fun Christmas vacation. We did absolutely nothing! I think we watched Napoleon Dynamite a dozen times and stayed up late every night. Kyle even took a whole week off of work! He never does that!
Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thankmas 09

In my brother in law's family, they have a tradition that every other year for Thanksgiving, the whole family get's together and celebrates Thanksgiving and Christmas and call it Thankmas. It's pretty much a week long event filled with all kinds of activities and traditions. This year, Mike and Lindsay weren't coming this way for Thanksgiving so they invited us to Colorado for their own Thankmas.  That is the longest drive ever!!! But I have to say it was worth it. We had a great time. Mike and Kyle pretty much planted themselves in the "man cave" (basement) for three days watching football, and graced us with their presence upstairs when they were hungry.  They did step it up though and took the kids on a hike while Lindsay and I got dinner ready. They also let us go see New Moon (again) which was even better the second time. Who knew I was going to be such a Jacob fan? It was so much fun and I wish Team Millward lived closer so we could see them more. Maybe we should just move to Colorado? Love it there!!!

Kyle and the kids on their hike

Isn't my sister a hottie?

Getting ready to carve the turkey

My nephew Maddox loved our puppy

The boys let us into the man cave for a little rockband

Pump it up! Such a good time

Even Kyle had fun

Uncle Mike had lot's of gifts for the kids to open for Thankmas


Can't go to Denver without going to the zoo