Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring gone wild!

Last week was spring break and the weather was awesome. We didn't go anywhere because the Clark County Fair and Rodeo came to town and my kids would be heartbroken if they missed that! I, on the other hand would have been more than happy to skip town during the fair. On Tuesday, my kids invited some friends over to play. They had quite the fun time. All the boys were playing baseball in the backyard and the girls were playing volleyball and doing gymnastics. Hailee and her friends put the karaoke machine outside on my bedroom balcony, and had the HSM 3 soundtrack blaring. It was pretty funny. Then they ended up on my balcony singing which was quite entertaining. I'm sure our neighbors were wondering what kind of madness was going on at the Heiselbetz home! It was quite wild!

Then Thursday it was time for the fair.....oh the fair.....what can I say? 3 days of taking kids around on rides that show up in the back of a trailer, and then put together (does anyone find that a bit scary?), spending way too much money, dealing with fits....etc, etc. I swear we could go to Disneyland with the money we spend on the fair. But the kids had a good time, and that's all that matters, right? I just keep telling myself we're making memories. (I could make memories somewhere else though too, right?)

Easter was a bit overshadowed this year by the fair, so we didn't even get around to coloring eggs. What kind of mom am I anyway? We did however have some cousins go to church with us which was a huge treat for my kids, and afterwards we had an easter egg hunt. My boys absolutely love being with their cousins Mason and Jakob, and Bella loves little Hannah, so they had a good time.

Cousins at the fair

Carson riding the mechanical bull

Austin riding

The kids had their faces painted

Bella and cousin Afton checking out what the Easter Bunny brought

getting ready for the Easter egg hunt

Bella crashed on the stairs after all the festivities

Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Boys

T-ball season has begun! I love watching my boys play. They look so cute in their uniforms, and holding a bat bigger than them! This year, Kyle is coaching and he has had Carson and Austin out in the backyard practicing almost every night. They're actually pretty good! Austin told me he's going to get a homerun every game. I have to admit, besides soccer, it's my favorite sport to watch them play. Here are some pics of last night's game.

Kyle and Austin