Thursday, November 19, 2009

Today I was going through stuff to get ready for a yard sale we're having this weekend. I found a couple of old digital cameras to sell and was making sure there were no pictures on them. Well on one of them, I found pics of the day Bella was born. I vaguely remember forgetting my camera at home and being totally bummed out. But then  Kyle remembered he had one in his truck that he used for work. Apparently, I came home and was too busy to download them onto the computer. So almost three years later.....

 K- so don't mind how AWFUL I look (why can't I be one of those girls that looks totally adorable prego? cough cough, Wendy Wheeler!) Anyways, this is my AMAZING doctor. Dr. Ofori. This man totally makes me want to have ten more kids! If he's your dr. then you know what I'm talking about. He's so awesome. Everytime you go for a visit, he's totally got his music up full blast in his office. One day I went and it was Michael Jackson. The next time I went, it was Country music. You never knew what it was gonna be.
He's always so happy, and smiling and way kick back. I actually missed him after I had Bella. Ok if I'm rattling on like I have a secret crush on my OB, I don't! Although I do have to say that my friend Dianna and I saw him and his wife at the movies one night and acted like two giddy school girls. We were telling his wife how much we loved him and what a great husband she has. Afterwards, Dianna looked at me and asked what that was all about? We made fools of ourselves. I do have to wonder if our free dessert at Catherines was spiked with something!

As you can tell, his camera doesn't take the best of pictures. That's why I'm selling it!

I didn't get any good pictures of Bella in the hospital. Just a bunch of naked ones right after she was born that were way too gross to put on here.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

We Are Now The Proud New Owners Of A.......


I know my family is all getting a good laugh at this because I cannot stand dogs! I'm super allergic to them. So allergic that I couldn't even go to friends houses when I was younger if they had a dog without coming home with an asthma attack. So, here's the deal.... The kids have been been bugging us for a dog for a while now.  So finally Kyle told Hailee that as soon as she got a 36 all around score in a gymnastics meet, he'd buy them a dog. The boys have never cheered her on so much!  Before every meet they'd beg Hailee to do well.  This past weekend she had a meet in St. George and did it!! She got a 36.75. Crap!!! All the parents of the girls on the team knew the deal and had been cheering her on at every meet also. After we realized her score, they all started barking at me!  I took her out of school early yesterday, met Kyle halfway and he took her to Vegas to find one. This is what they came home with. Kyle did a lot of research beforehand and found that these were the best dogs for people with allergies. They don't shed, and don't get very big. Perfect. It's a boy and we can't agree on a name. So if you have a suggestion, let us know!! 

What are you gonna bribe her with next, Kyle? A pony?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Not So Funny 911 Call

Let me just start off by saying I love my dear, sweet, wonderful child. But a couple of months ago, I could have killed her!!!!  Here's what happened....It was the end of summer and we were all getting on each others nerves just a little, to say the least. Definitely time for school to start! So one morning Hailee comes to me and our conversation went a little something like this....
Hailee- Mom, can I go to Bailey's house?
Me- Is your room clean?
Hailee- Well, no but.....
Me- No but's. If your room isn't clean, the answer is no.
I'm not really clear on exactly what happened next. All I know is that some evil being came and took over Hailee's body. It started screaming and yelling absurd things at me, most of which I couldn't understand. All I got from this rampage was that this was abuse and that she was calling 911 on me.
Me- go ahead and call 911 on me and by the way, what have you done with my daughter?
Then I walked away from the situation. A few minutes go by and I'm thinking Hailee came to her senses and was cleaning her room. No, not the case. The phone rings. I look at caller ID. It says 911 Dispatcher. Oh my gosh, she is dead meat!!! I take a deep breathe and answer the phone. This is how that conversation went...
911- Hello, this is the emergency dispatcher, we received a call from your house. Is everything ok?
Me- Everythings fine. My little girl must have been playing with the phone and accidentally called you.
( no everything is not fine, you better send someone out here to save my sweet little girl because she's in huge trouble!!!)
911- How old is your daughter?
Me- Almost 3 (Well, I do have an almost 3 year old. They didn't specify which daughter!)
They then proceeded to take my name and address. Great! Now I'm on their list all because I was trying to raise a responsible kid by making her clean her room!
It was not a pretty sight at my house once I hung up with them. Hailee was in tears crying because I told her I was going to jail now (a little scare never hurt a kid, right?) She claimed that she thought if she called 911 and hung up, they wouldn't know it was her. So what, it just made her feel better to call and hang up? Like, I showed you mom! I'm gonna call and hang up on 911 and that'll teach you never to tell me to clean my room again?! Hmmm...the thought process of a 9 year old girl! Go figure. I wonder how often this evil being is going to come to my house for a visit and take over Hailee's body!

                                                                Our sweet daughter

                                              Who are you and what have you done with my daughter?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

The kids had a fun Halloween this year. Bella especially had a good time trick or treating. Hailee was a Go Go dancer, Carson was an Army guy, Austin was a Ninja, and Bella was Minnie Mouse.