Tuesday, December 28, 2010

December update

November and December flew by.  How did that happen? Maybe because we moved to a new house just in time to get Christmas decorations up. I don't know. But anyhow, the holidays have come and gone. Austin celebrated his 7th birthday on Dec. 12th.What? He's 7? I swear I was just in the hospital holding a 9lb baby with crazy hair! Now he's growing up! Every year I give my kids a choice. They can either have a friend party, and not recieve any gifts from mom and dad, or they can choose to just have a family party and get a good gift from us. He chose the gift from us instead. Austin had his birthday planned for a week. All he wanted to do was go to dinner with mom and dad ALONE, then go to Wal Mart and pick out a gift. Easy enough! We took him to his favorite place in Mesquite Samauri 21. After that we went and picked out a few gifts. He got a Wrestle Mania Wii game, and some wrestling figurines. Not sure where all this WWF wrestling interest is coming from, but whatever! On our way home, he was very quiet. I think the whole night was a little anti climatic for him. He had been planning and preparing all week for our big night out, and I don't think it was all he expected. I'm not sure what was supposed to happen, but Kyle and I must be pretty dang boring! We had a little family party the next day for him. Kyle smashed Austin's face into his cake and made him pretty mad! He's the type that can dish it out but can't take it! Happy Birthday little buddy! We love you tons!!

Not sure why the shirts off. If you look real close, you might be able to see lightning and thunder. That's what he calls his biceps!

We didn't seem too overloaded with Christmas programs and parties this year. Thank goodness! The only program we had was a gymnastics performance in Mesquite.

We didn't get any awesome action pics of Hailee. I was too busy trying to control my class

                                This is my beginning class. They're so cute. I love coaching them!

I guess the next exciting event would be Christmas. For Christmas Eve, we went up to Panaca for a few hours for the program at the church. Kyle has such great memories of this growing up, and wanted our kids to experience it. 

Apparently Hailee and Carson were too cool to sit on Santa's lap!

After the program, we went back to Grandma's got in jammies, and headed home.

Friday, December 3, 2010


Change has never been my favorite thing. I like to get to a comfortable place in my life, and stay there awhile. Lot's has been changing in our family lately. Not just in our family, but it seems to be the case with everyone lately. Sometimes life just takes unexpected twists and turns and even though it isn't what we had planned, we just have to learn to go with the flow.
My dear friend

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Halloween Fun

This year we were scrambling to figure out costumes for Halloween. The day before the school parties, all the kids besides Bella didn't have costumes yet. So I ran to Vegas and Kyle and I went to D.I. and got creative. The only one that used our creativity was Austin. Carson and Hailee figured out things on their own. So this is what everyone came up with.

Hailee wanted to be a football player at first. So we borrowed pads from our friend, and she decided she hated them and didn't want to be a football player anymore. So the morning of the school parties, she still didn't know what to be. After some serious drama, she called her best friend Bailey, and borrowed her hula skirt. I'm still picking up pieces of grass all over the house!

Carson eats, sleeps, and breathes football. So of course that's what he wanted to be. He wasn't as picky as Hailee though, and didn't insist on having the pads.

Austin was a trooper and let Kyle do his makeup. He made a scary werewolf!

Bella was a butterfly ferry, I guess. Not sure what it was supposed to be. Anyhow, she looked cute.

                                            Kyle's always fun at Halloween. He gets into the holiday!
                                                       He made some awesome chili
                                     We had alot of fun trick or treating. The boys went with their friend Yadon, and                I took the girls and some of Hailee's friends. Kyle stayed home and handed out candy to the trick or treaters. Everyone had a good time, got lot's of candy, took baths, and went to bed. Until 3 A.M. when Austin woke me up because he wasn't feeling well. He said he couldn't breathe and he was burning up! So I gave him some motrin and cold medicine, put a cold cloth on his head, and put him back to bed. When he woke up later that morning, his face and neck were  huge!!! So swollen. He must have had an allergic reaction to the face paint. His eyes were swollen also. So we gave him benedryl, and put hydrocortisone on his face, and put him back to bed. It took a couple of days for his face to look normal again. Guess we won't be painting his face next year! Poor guy!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Soccer 2010

Even though Carson and Austin don't enjoy playing soccer that much, I sign them up every year because they are so good. They both average 4 to 5 goals each game. They are both quick on their feet and aggressive. We love to watch them play.
                                                                 Carson going after the ball
                                                           Austin just made a goal

Saturday, October 2, 2010

In a funk

Lately I'm in a bit of a funk about where we live. Don't get me wrong, I do love Logandale. The people are great here. But seriously? It's still so hot and it's October. Fall is my favorite time of year and we don't experience that season here in the desert. I've been feeling a little homesick for the place I grew up. Lake Arrowhead, CA. Unfortunately, I never realized how lucky I was to grow up there, until I was gone. It's so beautiful. Here are some pics.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Back To School

Well another summer has come and gone. Time to get back on a schedule! Which is fine with me. I don't enjoy summer here. Not because the kids are home. I love that part. But because it's so stinkin hot that the kids are cooped up. They can't ride their bikes and play outside.  Every summer we wonder why we live here! But with school starting, we know that it will cool down in another month or so and that's exciting. The kids all got awesome teachers this year, so I'm excited about that. We were actually going to move back to Vegas this summer but last minute we decided we would stay here. I'm glad we did because I think it will be a great year.
The first day went smooth. Everyone picked out their clothes the night before and we were actually sitting around waiting until it was time to go get on the bus. We've made it a tradition that the kids get on the bus the first day, and I meet them at the school to take them to their lines and embarrass them by taking tons of pictures. This year I think I was on good behavior though, and didn't emabarrass them too much. Actually, they didn't really give me a chance! Thy all got off the bus and took off to go to their lines without me! They must have had it planned.  So I went to make sure they all found where they were supposed to be and by that time, there was no time for pictures. Here are some of the pics I did get though...
                                     Hailee and Bailey's annual first day of school pic

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cheer Camp

Every year the Pirate Cheerleaders put on a mini cheer camp for the younger girls. This year Bella was old enough to do it. It was soooo cute!! She had so much fun. On the last day, they performed for the parents. Of course she freaked out and didn't perform. She said because dad's were there! She has this thing against dad's. But I did get some video of her during practice. She's the one in the short black shorts. Hailee did it too because the cheer coach told me that she could tumble. She had alot of fun too. She and Bella have been chanting cheers ever since!

Bella and her friend Angelle

This is Bella's friend Claire and her big sister Ansley. Such cute girls!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Carson's Baptism

Carson was baptized on August 7th. For some reason it felt so weird that he's that old already. Wasn't I just posting Hailee's baptism like yesterday? Time goes so fast. It was a great day and a memorable baptism to say the least. 14 kids were being baptized! It was like cattle drive. We were there for 2 hours. But that's ok. Carson was so cute. He was very excited to be baptized and for Cub Scouts. He's just a good kid and a great example to his brother and sisters. We love you buddy!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy 8th Carson!

Carson's birthday was spent in a car the whole day! Poor kid! He was a great sport about it though. We drove to Bear Lake for the Eynon Family Reunion. Before we left, we gave him his presents.

He got a wallet
and a Matt Hasselbeck jersey
  Carson LOVES football. He decided he's a Seahawks fan and that Matt Hasselbeck is one of his favorite players. I think it's because Heiselbetz resembles Hasselbeck and the kids at school call him that.
I thought it was kinda funny that his number happens to be 8!
When we finally got to Bear Lake, we celebrated his birthday with cake. 
Then he opened his much anticipated present from Grandma....His blanket. For every grandchild's 8th birthday, my mom makes them a quilt. The kids love it! The pic turned out blurry.
Carson's 8 yr. old facts:

favorite color: blue
favorite sport: football and baseball
favorite teams: Dodgers and Seahawks
favorite thing to do: play sports
favorite food: hot dogs
favorite subject in school: science
my dad is: GREAT
my mom is: GREAT TOO!
favorite movie: Sandlot 2
favorite book: Diary of a Wimpy Kid
What I want to be when I grow up: A major league baseball player or in the NFL
(we're counting on you for our retirement bud!)
Favorite video game: Star Wars Battlefront II
Best Friends: Yadon, Lucas, and cousin Jakob
Favorite Scripture story: Daniel and the Lions Den
My sister Hailee is: obnoxious
My brother Austin is: really fun to play sports with (I don't hate him anymore, mom!)
My sister Bella is funny
My favorite thing to do with my family is: go places

Carson, we love you so much. You are always willing to do anything we ask and I appreciate that. Hope you had a great 8th birthday!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Summer Update

May and June are always such busy months. So here is a recap of what we've been up to.....

Around the World. The fourth graders do country reports that they work on for a couple of months. Then the week of Around the World, they put on a program of singing and dancing,  set up displays in the hall and answer quiestions about their country, and the third day they bring a food from their country and share it with the rest of the fourth graders. Hailee did Italy since that's where Kyle went on his mission.

Hailee and Daxton had quite the Italian setup
Hailee and her best friend Bailey. Bailey did Korea

                                 Austin is now officially a big, bad 1st grader! He loved his Kindergarten
                                                                           teacher Mrs. Cameron

Kyle and his mini me
                                 The proud Kindergarten graduate and his proud sister

              We spent a weekend at Loews hotel in Lake Las Vegas. Nevada residents get a killer deal on rooms and they have awesome swimming pools, and things for the kids.

                                                 We went to Palm Springs with Kyle's family
Spent a day at Disneyland
Took family pics

Swam a bunch
And had a great time with cousins!
                                   Hailee competed in the Utah Summer Games and won first place
                                                                        All Around!

Kyle and I celebrated our 12th Anniversary in San Fransisco. We had a great time despite the fact that it was "Forty and Fabulous" gay pride weekend with 100,000 visitors in the city for the event. Kyle's favorite part of the weekend was the naked dude that flew past him on rollerblades. Or was it the fight he almost got into at the Dodger vs. Giants game? It's a toss up. My favorite part of the trip was touring Alcatraz. It was so fascinating! I went there while Kyle was at a baseball game. I wish I would've waited for Kyle to go on the tour with me though. He would've liked it alot. (Probably not as much as the naked, gay guy though!" Just kidding kyle.
We went to a Dodger vs. Giants game. The stadium is amazing!

They had a Build A Bear at the stadium. So we made Bella a Dodger bear
Here's to 12 yrs. baby! Thanks for being such a kick butt husband!