Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm a big girl now!

In December, my boys went to Panaca for a weekend to stay at Grandma and Grandpa Heiselbetz's. Their cousin's were on track break and were going there too, so they were super excited to go play. They went up Thursday night, and ditched school Friday (which Austin thought was way cool.) Anyways, that just left us girls. What's a girl to do when her boys are away? Shop of course! So I let Hailee skip school too, and we headed into Vegas to Christmas shop.  On our way there, we were just chatting and something came up about Bella getting her ears pierced. Now I'm not too big on getting my girls' ears pierced when they're babies. I think it's fun to do it when they are older and they want it done. It makes for a fun mommy -daughter date! But Bella has been relentless about getting it done. She tries to put Hailee's earings in all the time and says she wants her ears pierced. So we asked her if she wanted it done, and she said yes. We got to the mall and did some shopping and talked up the ear piercing thing because I was a little nervous she was going to freak out! Finally, we saw Claire's and decided what the heck? Let's do this thing. So we went to the lady and I asked her if there were two people there that could do both ears at once. She said no that she was the only one, which really made me nervous. I thought for sure after getting the first one done, Bella would have a total meltdown and not want the other one done. But we tried it anyways, and she was so funny! I have never seen Bella grin that big before! She just smiled the whole time. She didn't even flinch!  She had an audience watching her and they were all just laughing at how happy she was. When we were finished, we did more shopping, and she had an extra bounce to her step! She thought she was hot stuff! So cute. I totally just rattled on. Oh well, here are some pictures of the "New Bella"