Monday, May 24, 2010

The Birds and the Bees....Oh Pleeeeeze!!!!!!

Well, I have been dreading this day for quite some time now. But I knew it had to happen...... talking to Hailee about the birds and the bees. I've been going through all the scenerios of what would happen and how she would react. What do I say? Do I go into the grusome details,  or do I just hurry and spit it out in one run on sentence? Is she even mature enough to hear it? Or will she laugh and run to tell Carson and Austin all about the disgusting talk she just had with mom? Heaven knows Austin definitely doesn't need to hear about it now! He'll take that information and run with it! I even tried to tell Kyle that he had to tell her. Ya right!! That didn't go over well. So I bought this book a long time ago at Deseret Book about how to talk to your kids about "it". It cracked me up!  You're supposed to lead up to the "talk" by telling them that you have this wonderful, magical thing you want to talk to them about. Leave them in suspense for a while, then on their 8th birthday, take them to a restaraunt, bring a book with visuals, and have the "talk!" Seriously? Actually, a friend of mine did this,  and I was rolling on the ground in tears from laughing so hard when she told me about it. Her hubby even went and joined in! But all I could picture in my head was Kyle and I sitting across from Hailee at her favorite restaraunt saying to her, "Happy Birthday, and by the way, do you want to hear about how you were made, and how you will be able to have babies when you're older? Here, look we even brought a book with pictures in it!"  I guess if you want to make your kids birthday one that they'll never forget, that'll do it! Besides, she's not 8, she's 10, so all the cheezy talk about this magical thing isn't gonna work with her!

Anyways, tonight we were hanging out in her room and I was mustering up the courage like a scared boy trying to ask the girl of his dreams out. Seriously, I had butterflies and everything. I'm trying to figure out how to bring the subject up, when I just blurted it out! It went something like this...
Me: So, have you heard anything from your friends about how weird things might be happening to your body soon?
(good job, Gerilyn! Way to freak her out! Weird things? Couldn't find a better choice of word?)
Hailee: with a hilarious look on her face...Noooo,what are you talking about?
I'm not even going to go further with telling you the conversation. But I do have to say it was quite comical. I only got as far as the "change" that will take place, and before I knew it, she was in her bathroom scrubbing her toilet! I'm not kidding! She was cleaning her bathroom like a mad woman and was trying to ignore me. Finally, she cut me off and said "I just can't talk about this!" So then I say "Oh, but I'm not even finished! I have something else I want to tell you about. Have you heard anything about the word S-E-X? Yes, I spelled it out! I couldn't even say it! Oh my gosh! I am blowing this! By now, she's looking at me like I was some alien that just landed in her room from outerspace! I knew I had to stop until I was better prepared. So I told her that we would talk about it later in a girls night out. Great, I'm sure she can't wait to have a girls night out now! Anyone have any advice?

Friday, May 7, 2010

Lot's O' Posts

I've been in a blogging coma but I'm back, so here's what's been going on in our lives....

For Easter, we went to play at Grandma and Grandpa Eynon's and saw all our cousins.
Aunt Kristie hid an easter egg out in the middle of the pool and we all had bets that Austin would be the one to jump in with his clothes on to get it. Yep, we were right!
We've been going to fun birthday parties...

and baseball games...
May Day! Austin was excited to hold the ball for the Kindergartners, and Carson as you can tell was just having a good ol' time. Hailee was soooo excited for this year. She got to do the "Stayin Alive" dance. That's the one all the kids look forward to.

Bella started gymnastics and LOVES it. Everyday she asks how many more days till gym. She also asked when her first meet is.

                        Last, we put our house up for sale and the next day got an offer. Crazy!