Monday, September 6, 2010

Back To School

Well another summer has come and gone. Time to get back on a schedule! Which is fine with me. I don't enjoy summer here. Not because the kids are home. I love that part. But because it's so stinkin hot that the kids are cooped up. They can't ride their bikes and play outside.  Every summer we wonder why we live here! But with school starting, we know that it will cool down in another month or so and that's exciting. The kids all got awesome teachers this year, so I'm excited about that. We were actually going to move back to Vegas this summer but last minute we decided we would stay here. I'm glad we did because I think it will be a great year.
The first day went smooth. Everyone picked out their clothes the night before and we were actually sitting around waiting until it was time to go get on the bus. We've made it a tradition that the kids get on the bus the first day, and I meet them at the school to take them to their lines and embarrass them by taking tons of pictures. This year I think I was on good behavior though, and didn't emabarrass them too much. Actually, they didn't really give me a chance! Thy all got off the bus and took off to go to their lines without me! They must have had it planned.  So I went to make sure they all found where they were supposed to be and by that time, there was no time for pictures. Here are some of the pics I did get though...
                                     Hailee and Bailey's annual first day of school pic

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cheer Camp

Every year the Pirate Cheerleaders put on a mini cheer camp for the younger girls. This year Bella was old enough to do it. It was soooo cute!! She had so much fun. On the last day, they performed for the parents. Of course she freaked out and didn't perform. She said because dad's were there! She has this thing against dad's. But I did get some video of her during practice. She's the one in the short black shorts. Hailee did it too because the cheer coach told me that she could tumble. She had alot of fun too. She and Bella have been chanting cheers ever since!

Bella and her friend Angelle

This is Bella's friend Claire and her big sister Ansley. Such cute girls!