Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Who's Who In Our Family?

I saw this post on a friends blog and thought it was cute. Everyone plays a special part in each family and all the different personalities can make for some serious chaos, but we wouldn't have it any other way. So here are the personalities that put together the Heiselbetz Family.

Miss Hailee- Hailee just turned 10 on Sunday. Can't believe it! I think Hailee is at the point right now where she's trying to figure out who she is and what kind of person she wants to become. She's definitely a tween, and starting to have crushes. She's on Team Jacob! She knows alot about football and baseball and likes to talk to her dad about sports. She doesn't get real excited about school, but likes the social aspect of it! She is on the 4 Harry Potter book, but her main passion in life is gymnastics. She loves it and works so hard. She wants to go to the University of Georgia and be on their team. Have no idea where that came from! But it's a great goal! Hailee's place in the family- to be the bossy older sister!

Carson- Just a good kid! Half the time you don't even know he's around. He is such a caring and sensitive boy, and always willing to do whatever I ask of him. He is smart and witty, and totally get's sarcasm. Carson's always saying funny things! He loves to read and has become quite the bookworm. He does really well in school. Right now he's playing baseball. His favorite sport to play is football, but he's an awesome soccer player as well. He tends to get pushed around a bit because he's too nice, but when pushed to his limits, WATCH OUT! He will snap! He has this vein in his neck that sticks out when he's mad! He has lot's of friends and get's along with everyone. He's usually pretty easy going. Carson is more of a homebody (just like his mom) and is happy to hang out here. He can tend to be a bit of an airhead and the joke is that he's so lucky his head is attatched to his body, or he'd lose it! He loves to play video games and watch movies. You haven't experienced anything until you watch a funny movie with Carson. It's hilarious! Carson's place in the family- to be the one we can always count on.Austin- Oh Austin. What can I say? Like father like son. This kid is so much like Kyle, it's scary! He likes Kindergarten and has become a lady's man! The girls in the neighborhood are always knocking on our door to see if he can play. He recently informed me that him and a girl in his class just "broke up." Austin's always by his dad's side when Kyle's working on a project. He's super observant and can watch people do something one time and he'll have it down. He thinks alot and asks a million questions! He won't settle for one word answers. He wants a detailed answer to every question. (I'm definitely not gonna be part of the "birds and the bees" talk with him! Good luck with that Kyle!) He is the most persistent kid I have ever met! Which can be both good and bad! From the second Austin get's home from school until dark, he's outside playing. He can't sit still inside for very long. He always wants to be playing with friends and I'm often seen driving around the neighborhood looking for him. When he is home, Austin is usually found teasing somebody (mostly Carson.) He is a natural at every sport. Anything he tries, he's good at. He likes to flirt with me and calls me "hot mama" (something he will soon realize is just sick and wrong!) Him and Kyle are known to fight over me. Oh to be so loved!Austin's place in the family- to keep us on our toes!

Bella- Bella is the three s's. Sassy, spicy, and strong! This little girl has such a strong spirit in a little body! When she's happy and having a good day, she's so much fun. But when she's in a bad mood, look out! She doesn't take any crap from anybody. She'll stick up for herself, and everyone around her! She speaks her mind, and I'm often afraid of what will come out of her mouth in public. Bella isn't a cuddly person. I can't get a kiss or a hug from her for that matter. But when I do talk her into hugging me, I cherish it. She's a very independent, opinionated girl who knows what she wants (and usually get's it!) She's been known to get in older kids faces and tell them off! She just started gymnastics and loves it. She thinks she's hot stuff when we go to the school to help in classes, and usually ends up participating in class like she's one of the students. She loves her barbies but mostly loves to cruise around in her barbie jeep. We love this little one, and our family wouldn't be complete without her. Bella's place in the family- to put us all in our place!

So there you have it! All these personalities make the Heiselbetz family who we are today. I love each one of them the same but for different reasons. Can't imagine life without them!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

A few weeks ago, I was taking Bella to nursury and she was NOT happy about it! She wants to be a Sunbeam instead. So as I'm trying to drag her in, she yells really loud "Nursury Sucks!" Great. I'm so glad she has learned that word.

We went to a basketball game against Moapa and Virgin Valley. Huge rivals! Carson's school teacher' s husband is the Principal of Virgin Valley Highschool. So Mrs. Wilson cheers for the Bull Dogs instead of the Pirates. Carson saw  Mrs. Wilson walk into the gym wearing green (Bull Dog colors) Man, was he upset. He felt totally betrayed by his teacher. He could not believe she was wearing green instead of the sacred blue and gold! It  totally ruined his night.
So the following Monday they had to write a story in class about their weekend. This is how Carson's story went:  Over the weekend, my family went to the Pirate basketball game. But you know what really sucked about my weekend? That my teacher is a Bull Dog!
Mrs. Wilson thought this was so hilarious! She took it home to read to her family. I'm glad they got a kick out of it! Looks like we need to work on not saying the word "suck" in our house.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Good Job Hailee!

So I try to keep bragging to a minimum on this blog but really I use this blog as my journal, so oh well. If you don't like my bragging, then don't read this post! We went to AZ this past weekend for a gymnastics meet. Hailee did awesome! She has done awesome all season! She got 1st place on the bars and vault,  2nd place on floor, 4th place on beam, and 2nd place all around. The team also placed 2nd. Not bad for a little gym out in the sticks! All the gyms in Vegas call us the gym in the "barn", but I think we have gained some respect from them since we can usually hang and our gym is less than half the size as theirs. We also went to Park City for a meet a few weeks ago, and out of  71 girls she placed 9th on vault, 7th on bars and floor, 20th on beam, and 13th all around. Darn  beam! usually they are divided up into age groups and  have about 13-16 girls they compete against. But at this meet they all competed against each other no matter what age they were. So it was kinda fun to see where Hailee would place. She goes to gym 4 days a week for 3 hrs. and works her butt off! So it's fun to see her be successful. Her dream is to get on the Georgia Bull Dogs College team. Keep working hard Hailee! We are so proud of you
                                    My pictures always end up so dark with the lighting in the gyms

Hailee and Natalya on the podium with all their medals. They always score so close at every meet.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Our Baby Bella is 3!!!

I can't believe Bella turned 3 today! Crazy! We love this little girl so much. She adds so much to our family. The festivities started over the weekend when we went to Grandma and Grandpa Eynon's house in Arizona. We had a party there for the birthdays in March.
Tyler and Hailee were less than thrilled to wear their birthday crowns!

Then the day of Bella's real birthday came and she was so excited! I woke up to her running down the hall yelling "It's my birthday!"
She's been wanting a Barbie Jeep for so long. Daddy broke down and bought her one! Now her and Tahj can cruise around the neighborhood in style!

Monday, March 1, 2010

2010 Gymnastics pics

Hailee and Natalya trying to push each other off the beam.