Friday, July 2, 2010

Summer Update

May and June are always such busy months. So here is a recap of what we've been up to.....

Around the World. The fourth graders do country reports that they work on for a couple of months. Then the week of Around the World, they put on a program of singing and dancing,  set up displays in the hall and answer quiestions about their country, and the third day they bring a food from their country and share it with the rest of the fourth graders. Hailee did Italy since that's where Kyle went on his mission.

Hailee and Daxton had quite the Italian setup
Hailee and her best friend Bailey. Bailey did Korea

                                 Austin is now officially a big, bad 1st grader! He loved his Kindergarten
                                                                           teacher Mrs. Cameron

Kyle and his mini me
                                 The proud Kindergarten graduate and his proud sister

              We spent a weekend at Loews hotel in Lake Las Vegas. Nevada residents get a killer deal on rooms and they have awesome swimming pools, and things for the kids.

                                                 We went to Palm Springs with Kyle's family
Spent a day at Disneyland
Took family pics

Swam a bunch
And had a great time with cousins!
                                   Hailee competed in the Utah Summer Games and won first place
                                                                        All Around!

Kyle and I celebrated our 12th Anniversary in San Fransisco. We had a great time despite the fact that it was "Forty and Fabulous" gay pride weekend with 100,000 visitors in the city for the event. Kyle's favorite part of the weekend was the naked dude that flew past him on rollerblades. Or was it the fight he almost got into at the Dodger vs. Giants game? It's a toss up. My favorite part of the trip was touring Alcatraz. It was so fascinating! I went there while Kyle was at a baseball game. I wish I would've waited for Kyle to go on the tour with me though. He would've liked it alot. (Probably not as much as the naked, gay guy though!" Just kidding kyle.
We went to a Dodger vs. Giants game. The stadium is amazing!

They had a Build A Bear at the stadium. So we made Bella a Dodger bear
Here's to 12 yrs. baby! Thanks for being such a kick butt husband!