Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Halloween Fun

This year we were scrambling to figure out costumes for Halloween. The day before the school parties, all the kids besides Bella didn't have costumes yet. So I ran to Vegas and Kyle and I went to D.I. and got creative. The only one that used our creativity was Austin. Carson and Hailee figured out things on their own. So this is what everyone came up with.

Hailee wanted to be a football player at first. So we borrowed pads from our friend, and she decided she hated them and didn't want to be a football player anymore. So the morning of the school parties, she still didn't know what to be. After some serious drama, she called her best friend Bailey, and borrowed her hula skirt. I'm still picking up pieces of grass all over the house!

Carson eats, sleeps, and breathes football. So of course that's what he wanted to be. He wasn't as picky as Hailee though, and didn't insist on having the pads.

Austin was a trooper and let Kyle do his makeup. He made a scary werewolf!

Bella was a butterfly ferry, I guess. Not sure what it was supposed to be. Anyhow, she looked cute.

                                            Kyle's always fun at Halloween. He gets into the holiday!
                                                       He made some awesome chili
                                     We had alot of fun trick or treating. The boys went with their friend Yadon, and                I took the girls and some of Hailee's friends. Kyle stayed home and handed out candy to the trick or treaters. Everyone had a good time, got lot's of candy, took baths, and went to bed. Until 3 A.M. when Austin woke me up because he wasn't feeling well. He said he couldn't breathe and he was burning up! So I gave him some motrin and cold medicine, put a cold cloth on his head, and put him back to bed. When he woke up later that morning, his face and neck were  huge!!! So swollen. He must have had an allergic reaction to the face paint. His eyes were swollen also. So we gave him benedryl, and put hydrocortisone on his face, and put him back to bed. It took a couple of days for his face to look normal again. Guess we won't be painting his face next year! Poor guy!