Friday, February 4, 2011

New Pet

One night I was in my bedroom and there was a knock at our door. Bella ran to open it and I heard the voice of a neighbor boy. No big deal. Then I heard Kyle yell "there's a bat in the house!" I thought he was joking and just trying to scare Bella. She came into my room screaming, and right behind her were Carson and Austin freaking out. I shut my door and yelled out to Kyle that I was NOT coming out until that thing was gone! It took awhile. It was hanging from the ceiling and wouldn't move. So Kyle and the boys all geared up to get rid of it.

The nasty thing made it's way to Hailee and Bella's room and was hanging on the vent. kyle shot it with a bbgun and down it went! UGGH! So nasty! I disinfected like crazy! Hailee wouldn't sleep in her room for 2 nights.



Yuck!!!!! That would totally freak me out!! Good thing your husband was around!! btw -- you really need to call me one of these days!!


OOh, gross! That neighborhood is full of bats. We always found them hanging around our front porch, but fortunately, we never had any come inside!


Degan told me this story the other day!! and I was wasn't sure if to believe him or not!! Bats freak me out when I was younger my brother would throw tiny rocks over me making the bats think they were bugs and they would swoop down to try & catch them, Yes I am traumatized!!!

Dawn Hancock

oh man I am sorry I didn't get to see that. It probably made kyles night. funny!