Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas and New Years

Once again, Christmas has come and gone! The kids were a little bit worried that Santa wouldn't find our new house, but he did!
                                           Bella got the Kit American Doll. It looks just like her
  Her favorite gift is this barbie house that dad spent days on in his shop! But it was worth it!
                                             Austin got his remote control truck that he wanted
                                        Carson's favorite gift was Madden 11 for the Wii
                                  Hailee got Shawn Johnson gymnastics wii game and Just Dance
Mama's favorite gift! A statue perfect for our family. Two girls, two boys, and a dog!
Kyle is so great at gifts!

For New Years we headed to AZ. to mama and papa E.'s house. We love going there! The kids always have so much fun.  Grandpa even took Hailee shopping at Justice For Girls. What a good Grandpa!

                                                    Making brownies with Grandma
                                               Grandpa playing Break the Ice with Bella
                                                                 Bowling with cousins
                                                               Daddy helping Bella
                        Playing a game I grew up with. I'm not gonna even try to spell it because I'll butcher it.
                                                               We got very competitive
Kyle and Grandpa got a little competitive too!